Sally-Anne Wilkinson

I am a writer.

I write fact. I write fiction. I write poetry.

I write about me. I write about you.

I write about people I know. I write about people I don’t.

I write about nature. I write about birth. I write about death.

I write about places I’ve been. I write about places I’ve never seen.

I describe life. I describe the unique. I describe the mundane.

I show difference. I show similarity.

I see colour in the world. I see dark. I see light.

I see shape. I see cruelty. I see pity.

I see humour. I see love. I see hate.

I see kindness. I see pathos. I see pain.

I weave words.

I knit ideas.

I spin the real and imagined.

I tell truth.

I lie.

I remember.

I pass on memories.

I control.

I am a prophet.

I am the master of words.

I am the servant of words.

I use reality.

I use imagination.

I use rhythm. I use rhyme.

I use alliteration.

I use consonance.

I use assonance.

I use a computer.

I use a pen.

I use paper.

I use words.

I sit.

I think.

I scribble.

I write.

I am writing.

Writing is me.

Sally-Anne Wilkinson is an English Studies graduate, who became addicted to writing after starting York University’s online creative writing course.  As a child she was an avid reader of books, with a particular love of the Narnia Chronicles.  It inspired her to one day become a writer herself, though as a late developer and great procrastinator, it took some time for her to get around to it.  In 2012, her poems were shortlisted and published in Rochdale’s People’s Poetry, and the Aesthetica Annual 2013.   After a couple of years focusing on poetry and short stories, she is currently undertaking the challenge of writing her first novel, which appears to be taking on a life of its own.  She also enjoys her role as contributing writer on Storgy, a reader contributing short story website. Fond of travel, she’s lived in France and Saudi Arabia, but has settled in Lancashire, where she writes surrounded by the chaos of family life.

10 responses to “Sally-Anne Wilkinson

  1. gregg

    Hi sally – just browsing

    • Hi Gregg – thanks for pointing out the lack of story 🙂 I somehow deleted the link. I’m new to all this blogging business! Just going to check out your cowboy outfit!

  2. Tom

    Hi Sal. First of all – nice blog my girl. Well organised, good title and plenty of variety in sub-topic.
    I’m not a big fan of opening my heart (or mind) on Facebook, so I thought I’d investigate your other platforms (other than ReadWave),before further contact re: novel writing.
    I knew you’d have a blog, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that your header is the ‘Pilcrow’ theme as used by me until very recently.
    Rather than go into the detail here, if you drop by my blog or website you’ll find my email contact – and from there if I have yours, I’ll send you a list of hints, tips and pitfalls – found while writing my recent novel. I’m no expert, but as they say at Tesco … ‘Every little helps’
    I’ve had a read through some of your blog and writing history. I think you might find my latest blog post of interest, because it relates to the origins of my novel’s protagonist and how the book evolved.
    I’m not at ‘work’ today so I’ll shrink back into the seclusion of my study and get on with some personal admin.

  3. Rosanna Leo

    Yours in Narnia.
    (By the way, I’m pretty sure if we attempt entry through my bedroom closet again, we’ll get there this time. Wanna join me? Aslan awaits)

  4. Hi Sally,
    I’m delighted to nominate you for the Very Inspiring Blog award. I’ve chosen to nominate my favourite book bloggers.
    To learn more, please click here to check out my post.
    If you don’t do awards, that’s okay, please accept this as a message of appreciation for your blog!
    Kind regards

    • Wow, Sandra! Thanks 🙂 That’s great news. I’ll be away for the next week, but will get to it as soon as I come back. Thanks again for nominating me!

  5. House of trembling madness to close 😦

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