Flying by Sally-Anne Wilkinson

My new story on Storgy. Thanks for reading in advance 🙂



Sally-Anne Wilkinson

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Eva side-stepped the cowpat on the muddy path, feeling the warmth of the sun as it penetrated through the cold of the morning.  In the distance blackbirds trilled, but instead of watching them sweep by as she usually would, she kept her eyes firmly on the path in front of her.  She didn’t have long for her walk, but she needed this time to herself to clear her head.  The day would be full of people and full of chatter.  The sort she generally found long and exhausting anyway, but today, more so.  Today was Tom’s day.  Tom’s birthday.  In fact, soon she’d be rushing around, making ham sandwiches and putting cocktail sausages on sticks and laying out miniature cakes with fondant icing.  All the things he favoured.

In the past, Joe complained about her preoccupation with her son. He claimed it was what drove them…

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3 responses to “Flying by Sally-Anne Wilkinson

  1. Such a poignant story. Beautifully written.

  2. I had to read again. I really like this one.

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