New Short Story – Je t’aime – by Sally-Anne Wilkinson

Teenagers in love with their French teacher? We’ve seen it all before…



Sally-Anne Wilkinson

typewriter love

Dear Andy,

Oh God, I can’t believe I’m writing this letter!  It’s soooo embarrassing.  I mean, you know I’ve fancied you for, like, ages, and I know it makes things a bit weird for you, you being a teacher and all that, and me just being fifteen.  But when two people love each other, rules and age and stuff like that, they just don’t matter, do they?

That day, when you first started at our school, was the best ever.  Let’s just say French classes got a whole lot better after that. I was in Year NIne, but at the time, you didn’t notice me because I was still pretty small and, really, I suppose I was just a kid.  I’ve changed a lot since then. Grown up. I think you’d only been teaching for a few years, because on your first day you looked…

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2 responses to “New Short Story – Je t’aime – by Sally-Anne Wilkinson

  1. Sally, your writing is good! Hope you go for that novel, although I do love reading short stories. Don’t write them much anymore, but sometimes they are the exact right thing for reading. I always have a book of stories going.

    • Thanks so much Cynthia, I really appreciate that. I see you’ve written quite a few novels. If I ever get manage to finish it (I’m just in the process of trying to rehash the beginning of my abandoned novel for a competition) I may be seeking a little advice on publishing/self-publishing.

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