Sally-Anne Wilkinson’s New Short Story – Sunrise over Cappadocia

Here’s my latest story on the Storgy website. Inspired by the glory of hot air balloons in the morning sky!

Sunrise over Cappadocia


Sally-Anne Wilkinson

 typewriter love

‘Come here.  There’s sleep in your eye.’

‘Mmmm…That’s good to know.’

He leans closer, and with his fingertip, removes the offending article.  I can feel the softness of his skin as he takes the tiny haul from the corner of my eye.  He smiles, proudly, displaying the crustie, then kisses the end of my nose.  The room is draped in shadows, and the pale blob resting on his nail is barely discernible in the dim light.

‘How can you do that?’I say.

‘Why not?  It’s part of you.’  He wipes his finger on the side of the bed.


‘You wouldn’t do that for me?’

‘No way!’

‘Not squeeze the blackheads on my back?’

‘Absolutely not!’

‘Would you cut my toenails if there was ever a time I couldn’t reach them…’

‘You’d be lucky.’

He edges across the bed, so his face rests…

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2 responses to “Sally-Anne Wilkinson’s New Short Story – Sunrise over Cappadocia

  1. e-mail beedazzlyn

    Just found time to read your new story. Beautiful. Loved the photo, the scene, the description of lovemaking. Extremely sensitively written. Initially I thought they were a married couple. Then relised it was a long relationship. I wondered whether this was a long term affair, but wasn’t sure about the relationship until the ‘phone conversation. Really enjoyed this Sally. There was a sadness – about Christmas. Lovely story.

    • I wanted the reader to go on a journey with the couple, Lyn. Where they are lost in each other, then reality slowly starts to seep through. I’m so glad you enjoyed it – and thanks for leaving a comment.

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